The Wymbolwood Yearbook Needs You - E-Blast Dec 10/21

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The Wymbolwood Yearbook Needs You - E-Blast Dec 10/21

Postby admin » Fri Dec 10, 2021 2:53 am

Dec 10/2021 - This first call for submissions, from the Editor, Eric From, was emailed out to all WBA members today.

* Photos and Articles Required *

Hello Everyone!

Pick up that pen or sit down at the keyboard and dash off that wonderful article you've been sitting on for years... We want it for the 2022 Wymbolwood Yearbook!

We need articles about history at the beach, nature, fun activities and hobbies, how-to's, local attractions, interesting occurrences, unsolved mysteries, and whatever interests you (and might interest the rest of us!)

Encourage others in your family to get working on it if you think they've got something to say.

Just send me an email ( about your story idea and we'll talk about it. There are no bad ideas (and I love to talk).


How is your family going to find themselves in the yearbook if you don't send us your pictures? Send photos of kids playing on the beach, sunsets, art, or whatever you've got, and then rest easy knowing your family will be in the Yearbook... Don't forget to let us know who or what are in your pictures...

Send any and all pictures to me at

*Deadline for submissions is April 15th but PLEASE do as soon as you can, the earlier the better! :) *

See you at the beach!

Eric From
Editor, Wymbolwood Yearbook

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