Gypsy Moth Spray - Your Declaration "YES" or "NO"

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Gypsy Moth Spray - Your Declaration "YES" or "NO"

Postby admin » Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:57 am

A Reminder Was Emailed Out Nov 3 from Kathryn..
Regarding the Wymbolwood Gypsy Moth Spray Program,
here is my friendly reminder that the deadline for responses YES or NO is this Friday, November 6th.

If you have already responded, PLEASE DO NOT RESEND.

We have had very good response from our members.
We would like to trigger anyone who has forgotten about it.

Forms and instructions will be sent out early next week once
we have an idea of who is and who is not participating.

Thank you!

Have Your Say, by November 6. Whether you are responding "YES" or "NO"
to spraying your lot, download these Instructions
>> ... r_2021.pdf


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