Jan 2021 - Note From A Wymbolwood Beacher

The Preserve property belongs to shareholders who live on or near the Beach.
- Map of and Trails on the Property
- History - The Preserve Became Official in 1984
- History and Values of the Nature Preserve (1979-2018) - by Lynn Short and Robert McBride
- Breeding Bird Report 2015, assessed by Huronia Land Conservancy
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Jan 2021 - Note From A Wymbolwood Beacher

Postby admin » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:06 pm

Over the course of the pandemic, our family has been so grateful for the use
of the trails in the Nature Preserve, and has spent many an afternoon racing through
the back woods.

Over the past few visits, however, we have been disappointed by the
number of dog owners who are clearly not cleaning up after their pets while
they use the trails. Since our kids are young they love to count things, and
on yesterday’s walk they counted almost 20 poops! .... all in a short walk.

May we remind owners with pets to scoop. It's an easy and swift remedy.
Make sure the toss goes well off the trail.

In a prolonged period of little or no snowfall in the winter,
we will all appreciate the courtesy!


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