Font Size and Aids to Navigation

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Font Size and Aids to Navigation

Postby admin » Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:00 pm

The board is divided into newsgroups called Forums. We use three broad categories of Forums:

1. Introduction and Feedback
2. WBA Information
3. In and Around Huronia

Forum Categories> Forums> Topics> Messages and Replies

The individual Forums have topics with related content. You have navigated into the Forum called "Introduction" and into the Topic "Font Size and Aids to Navigation". You are reading the related content for this topic.

At any time, you can return to the Home Page by clicking on the large WBA banner at the top of the page.

You can also get back Home by using the Board Index link under the banner. Note that the links identify your location on the site in terms of Forum and Topic. From the Home Page, you can view any of the other Forums to visit.

Need Larger Print?
Use the icon vA^ on the right side of the Board Index line just below the banner to increase or decrease the font size.

Other Navigational Options -

1. From the bottom left of any Posting window, you may return to other Topics in the current Forum by clicking on the <Return to ...> link.

2. From the bottom right of this window, you may use the Jump To box, where you select any destination Forum you wish from a comprehensive list, then Go there.

To view external web documents that are referenced throughout the website, you click on the presented link. To return to the WBA website, you may close or minimize the current window, or use the Back button, as the case may be.

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