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Welcome to the WBA Website

Postby admin » Tue Apr 15, 2008 2:26 pm

Since 2006, this website ( http://www.wymbolwood.ca ) has been designed as a community bulletin board to post beach news and facilitate the exchange of ideas relating to community events and participation.

We post any news item that comes to our attention as newsworthy to beach residents and visitors to Wymbolwood. Besides being a place where you will find all the Association News and mailout materials, survey and order forms, the site posts articles and links to Huronia news, weather, local attractions, environmental concerns, and history. We even generously post a link to the Wymbolwood Beach Bums Club on Facebook.

Our site now gets an average 6 visitors per day. The more WBA members contribute, the more appealing and rewarding will be your visits to the website. To that end, all beach residents are encouraged to send in new photos from our regattas, field days, golf, and other charity events, and share their anecdotal cottage experience.

More recently, we have introduced a Community Bulletin where you may post notices or reply to them. For example, you may wish to post a Help Wanted ad for summer help in maintaining the cottage lot, or conversely advertise your services to others. To this end, go to the Community Bulletin forum on the site. When you go to Post New Topic, and you are not a WBA member, simply skip entering a username, since you can anonymously post your notes there. You will need to identify the code pattern presented ("capcha"). You may upload your material yourself, or more usually, email it to the attention of the webmaster at murray.conron@bell.net. We look forward to all submissions.

This site is a work in progress. We encourage all readers to navigate through the content in the Forums and assess for yourself the utility and potential of the site.

"Help us shape the website into a place that serves you best." Feel free to comment on your experience here by visiting the Feedback Forum, where you may post your reactions, any difficulties, or suggestions as a NewTopic or PostReply to a discussion.
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